Fashion Merchandising Final 2023 Business Finance

2023 The parent Company is Ivanna Valencia and has a void in athleisure The target

The parent Company is “Ivanna Valencia” and has a void in athleisure. 

The target market is demanding more stay at home clothes with a modern feel 

Students are to bring a new product or product line to market. It should be a “new division” of an existing Company. Consider that you are working for a retailer, designer or brand. You realize a “void” in the marketplace.  What would this line look like? Made of? Priced? Manufactured? The new product line should be marketable, saleable & make sense for the “parent” Company. The project should include the following: 

1. A merchandising calendar—reflecting the necessary tasks and duration of each. 2. Market research –the competition, price points, voids in the marketplace, need for your product line. 

3.Color story & fabric story. Why your product line is “trend right” 

4.Attributes & features of your product line 

5. Specification sheet—include at least one spec sheet ( flat with basic measurements) 

6. Cost sheet-include at least one cost sheet 

7.Sales & promotion strategies-how will this product line be launched? Advertised? Social media? 

8.Sourcing & manufacturing—where will the product be manufactured? Why? What issues might occur? 

9.Tech pack—A complete tech pack including a spec sheet, cost sheet, sketch, fabrication & trim information.

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