Power Point on best packages for MNC’s to attract employees 2023 Business Finance

2023 This assignment consists of preparing a PowerPoint presentation Assume you are going to present


This assignment consists of preparing a PowerPoint presentation. Assume you are going to present in front of the class. In reality; however, you will only submit the presentation, which will be posted on unit 8 for all your classmates to view.

Your presentation will be based on the ” INTERNET EXERCISE: MOTIVATING POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES” on page 452 

The presentation should include a summary of the situation and answers to the three questions on page 452 with supporting material from your readings or from the academic literature.

The presentation must have a minimum of 15 slides including the cover slide, at least one conclusion slide and a list if references slide. That means there will be 12 slides with content not including the conclusions slide.

Feel free to use graphics, pictures or tables to illustrate your points. The presentation will be graded based on the content and compliance with the minimum requirements stated above.



In order for multinationals to continue expanding their operations, they must be able to attract and retain highly qualified personnel in many countries. Much of their success in doing this will be tied to the motivational package that they offer, including financial opportuni- ties, benefits and perquisites, meaningful work, and an environment that promotes productivity and worker cre- ativity. Automotive firms, in particular, are a good example of MNCs that are trying very hard to increase their worldwide market share. So for them, employee motivation is an area that is getting a lot of attention. Go to the Web and look at the career opportunities that are currently being offered by Nestlé, Unilever, and Procter & Gamble (websites: nestle.com, unilever.com, png.com). All three of these companies provide infor- mation about the career opportunities they offer. Based on this information, answer these questions: (1) What are some of the things that all three firms offer to moti- vate new employees? (2) Which of the three has the best motivational package? Why? (3) Are there any major differences between P&G and European-based rivals? What conclusion can you draw from this?


Inernational Management 

Culture, Strategy, and Behavior 9th Edition (pg 452)

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