Microeconomic Theory 2023 Business Finance

2023 This assignment covers supply and demand as well as consumer behavior Please answer the ques

This assignment covers supply and demand as well as consumer behavior. Please answer the ques- tions below, which are related to Chapters 2 through 4 of P&R. Beyond reviewing the material from class, the problem sets are intended to develop the ability to apply the concepts from class to new situations. You are encouraged to collaborate with others, to research sources outside of class, and to ask questions during office hours. However, you must write up your responses individually.

You should explain all of your answers in detail. Your score will depend on both the correctness of your solutions and the completeness of your explanations. Please write the question number next to your answer for each question. Your answers to the assignment are due in class on Thursday, September 22. Late assignments may be penalized.

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