For Wendy Lewis 2023 Business Finance

2023 Type Group Project Unit Implementation and Control Due Date Tue 11 15 17 APA Format Times

Type: Group Project 

Unit:  Implementation and Control 

Due Date:  Tue, 11/15/17 

APA Format 

Times New Roman Font 12     

Deliverable Length:  at least 15 pages (cover page and reference page not included). You are required to provide a well-researched and analyzed comprehensive response to every assignment question. Brief, vague, generic, or nondefinitive responses will not earn good grades

*This group project requires a minimum of 15 scholarly sources, a minimum of 1 per page. You are welcome and encouraged to use the David textbook and the course materials for this course, but other viable research sources are required.

*Remember that any paper longer than 10 pages requires the submission of an Executive Summary.

1.     A complete strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis (including at least 5 factors from each category and full explanations of why each factor is important and why it was placed in the category) of the environment that exists within ToolsCorp and the environment that ToolsCorp is proposing 

2.An outline of the business plan to be developed for ToolsCorp’s strategic initiative 

3.A full mission statement containing the nine components and presented in a well written paragraph

4.Key operating principles as you will apply them

5.A preliminary market analysis of the market(s) into which ToolsCorp expands

6.The one-year, five-year, and ten-year strategic objectives of the strategic initiatives presented as one strategic proposal for each time frame (3 strategic proposals in all), complete with implementation plans, potential ramifications, and feedback mechanisms  

7.The additional material that your group considers necessary to support the case for going forward with ToolsCorp’s global strategic initiative (This is not optional, you must input additional material.)

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