Writing Assignment & Discussion 2023 Business Finance

2023 Unit 2 Writing Assignment 1 Prompt Review Appendix C of the Mathis text and


Unit 2 Writing Assignment 1

Prompt: Review Appendix C of the Mathis text and choose one (1) law or regulation listed to research. Write about its history and recent developments with the law/regulation and why it’s important to an employer to adhere to?

Requirements: 750 words minimum with at least one Scriptural reference

Unit 2 Discussion Forum 1        250words

Review your current job description. Do you feel changes need to be made? If so, what changes? If not, what makes it accurate?

Unit 2 Discussion Forum 2       250words

Sexual harassment is a concern for all employers. Find an article on the Internet regarding a sexual harassment case. Describe what the case was about, the outcome, and what the employer could have done or should have done regarding the case.

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