Unit 5 Discussions 2023 Business Finance

2023 Unit 5 DB The Puzzle of Motivation MGT 105 Principles of Management This

* Unit 5 DB: The Puzzle of Motivation (MGT 105 Principles of Management)

This discussion is based on a TED Talk by Dan Pink.  Pink, a former speech writer, career analyst, and author of the book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, reveals some remarkable facts about motivation that have been confirmed in many social science experiments but aren’t widely recognized.  Pink argues that the way we’re motivating people is all wrong, and he proposes a new model to replace traditional incentives.

Watch Pink’s TED Talk in the Reading and Resources section, then respond to all of the following questions in your post:


1. Did you find Pink’s talk surprising?  Why or why not?

Pink concludes:

“There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does. Here is what science knows. One: Those 20th century rewards, those motivators we think are a natural part of business, do work, but only in a surprisingly narrow band of circumstances. Two: Those if-then rewards often destroy creativity. Three: The secret to high performance isn’t rewards and punishments, but that unseen intrinsic drive–the drive to do things for their own sake. The drive to do things cause they matter.”

2. How do you think managers can use this knowledge to motivate their employees? How will you use this knowledge in your own pursuits?

In response to your peers, expand on their ideas related to motivation with the goals of extending the discussions already taking place or posing new possibilities or opinions not previously voice. Whether you agree or disagree, explain why with supporting evidence and concepts from the readings or a related experience. Include a reference, link, or citation when appropriate.

*Unit 5 Discussion: Islam (HIS101 – World Civilization)

Review and read current events articles from reputable news sources that are highlighting Sunni and Shi’ite relations worldwide. Choose one article from your review, written in the last 5 years, to share with your classmates.

1. Provide a summary of the article.

2. Analyze how the events outlined in the article are related to tensions between differing Islamic views.

Make sure to provide a working hyperlink to the article in your post. When responding to classmates, provide new, additional research and/or thoughts that either support or disproves the analysis on their article. Make sure to use proper APA format for all citations provided and include a reference list for the citations you use.

*Unit 5 Discussion: Distribution Methods (MKT200 – Principles of Marketing)


Volkswagen—the world’s 2nd largest automaker (Toyota is #1) with its VW, Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Lamborghini brands plans to launch 50 EV models and achieve annual EV sales of three million units by 2025.

From a competitive perspective, and despite potential bumps in the road, Tesla continues its journey from upstart nicher to full mass-market brand. It is further diversifying its vehicle portfolio with self-driving EV semi-trucks and a new Roadster—one that promises to shatter more records for speed, acceleration, range, and coolness.

Simulated Business Scenario

Since Tesla started selling automobiles, Zachary, Tesla’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) has guided the brand to go further and faster than any other vehicle startup in history. He has created the image that Tesla is to cars what Apple has long been to consumer electronics, with the same kind of innovative leadership and cult brand following.


  1. How can Zachary continue to maintain Tesla’s current and wannabe customers remain unwavering in their enthusiasm for the brand?
  2. What can Zachary do to hold off rival brands who are competing with Tesla in the electric car market?

*Unit 5 Discussion: Language Acquisition (PSY102 Fundamentals of Psychology)

Psychologists offer several major explanations concerning language acquisition. Based on the readings and your own outside research, discuss the importance of biological and environmental influences on language acquisition.  Include a discussion on whether or not you believe there is a “critical period” for language development.

*Unit 5 DB: Attachment – (PSY201Child Development)

We have learned that attachment occurs due to safety needs, but what if these needs were not met? In this discussion, you will consider attachment styles and potential outcomes when conditions are not ideal for attachment, as well as the interaction between attachment styles and temperament.

Please read the following case study:

Kandi is an 11-year-old girl who has lived in Centervale with a foster family, the Jacksons, for one month. She has been in foster care most of her life, having been removed from her biological parents’ care at the age of 10 months. Kandi’s parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol and Kandi spent most of her infancy in her crib or playpen, alone in her room. It is likely that Kandi was exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero. It is unknown whether, in addition to neglect, she was abused sexually or physically. These are possibilities given her parents’ addictions and presence of multiple adults in her house at any given time. Since Kandi’s arrival, her foster parents have noted several behaviors that seem odd. Despite her sweet personality, Kandi loses her temper easily. She hugs people indiscriminately while at the same time pushing others away. At times, Kandi avoids her foster mother or seems unconcerned with her not being in the room. At other times, she becomes very distraught and cries frantically when her foster mother goes to the laundry room. She has a difficult time interacting socially with the other children at Centervale Elementary and has only a few friends. At the same time, she clings to her teacher, constantly hugging her, and even trying to kiss her. Although she has been provided with toys, books, and games, Kandi collects odd things such as used staples or the rubber pieces left over from pencils.

Based on your analysis of the case study provided, respond to the following in your main post:

  • Describe how Kandi’s behavior could be reflective of disruptions in her progressing through the attachment phases proposed by Bowlby.
  • Classify Kandi’s attachment style, according to Ainsworth’s attachment theory. Explain why you chose this attachment style.
  • Given her early isolation and multiple caregivers, what are some important social development stages or aspects that Kandi may have missed? Discuss concepts such as imitation, social      reciprocity, and exploration.
  • How might Kandi’s experience affect her development according to Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development?
  • Based on theory and research, you will make recommendations to new parents/caregivers to maximize social and emotional health.

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