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2023 Unit I Case Study Read Case 2 1 ProFood Supply Company on pages 36 37 of

Unit I Case Study 


Read “ Case 2.1: ProFood Supply Company” on pages 36-37 of your textbook. 


In a minimum two-page, APA formatted paper, answer the questions below. A title page and references page should be included in addition to the two pages of content. 


In your response, make specific references to concepts you learned in Chapters 1 and 2 and any other sources that support your analysis of the questions. Convince the reader that your response to the questions is correct. Outside sources other than the textbook are not required; however, they can be helpful in your responses. 


1. Is it likely that Jon Menzes will be successful in the short term with this strategy? 

2. What are the longer-run implications of this strategy for Jon Menzes and for ProFood?  

3. If you were Emily Lewis, what advice would you give Jon? What characteristics would you expect Emily to have as a successful sales manager? 

4. Describe the importance of trust in developing a buyer-seller relationship. 

5. Identify and describe the personal selling approach that you feel would work best in the situation described in the case study. 


Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment i

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