Marketing homework 2023 Business & Finance

2023 Video case 6 2 Ski Butternut Offers Thrills Not Spills 1 Social influences that might affect the decisions that the

Video case 6.2

Ski Butternut Offers Thrills—Not Spills

1- Social influences that might affect the decisions that the consumers make about where to spend their winter recreation, time, and dollars.


2- Evaluation of Alternatives



Video case 7.2

Zappos Offers Insights to Other Businesses

1- Buyer–seller relationship between Zappos Insights and its business clients


2- Classification of the business market demand for Zappos Insights training



Video case 8.2

Nederlander Productions Hoof It Around the World

1- How might Nederlander benefit from expanding its business throughout the European Union (outside the United Kingdom)? What might be the drawbacks?


2- Nederlander has already engaged in some product and pro-motional adaptations to bring shows from London to New York and vice versa. What additional adaptations might the firm have to make for the Turkish and Chinese markets?



Video case 9.2

Nederlander Targets Theatergoers Everywhere

1- How Nederlander achieves the three major criteria for effective

market segmentation


2- Evita’s audience



Video case 10.2

GaGa SherBetter Forecasts Hot Sales, Cold Flavors

1- Gaga’s problem


2- Data Collection Methods



Video case 11.2

Pepe’s Pizzeria Serves Success One Customer at a Time

1- How Pepe’s Pizzeria uses price and social interactions to build relationships with its customers


2- How Pepe’s Pizzeria ensures customer satisfaction



Video case 12.2

BoltBus Gives Bus Travel a Jump Start

1- The goods–services continuum


2- Product lifecycle extension

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