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2023 Watch the video below entitled Girl s Rite of Passage Identify the separation period the instructional period and the reincorporation periods

Watch the video below entitled, “Girl’s Rite of Passage.” Identify the separation period, the instructional period, and the reincorporation periods as the girls’ experiences are described in the video. Explain when and why each phase occurs. What is the benefit of having a well-defined rite of passage? Must be at least 350 words in APA format.


Link for 4 minute video:



Rites of passage are defined as rituals or ceremonies that mark an individual’s transition from one status to another, especially the transition into adulthood. In order to demonstrate the child’s transition to adulthood, some cultures have elaborate rites of passage.

What makes such rituals helpful is they reduce the emotional disruption caused by a change in life. In Lesson 1 you learned that adolescence is a rather ambiguous period without clear-cut boundaries. Rites of passage serve to mark and ease the transition from one stage of life (childhood) to another (adulthood) and are usually marked by a distinct change in life for the individual after making the transition.

Commonly there are three phases to rites of passage:

  • Separation Period, including physical or emotional separation from family, psychological or emotional separation from childhood, etc.;
  • Instructional Period, in which the individual learns how to survive in his/her culture (e.g., hunting skills, formal education, job skills, etc.); and
  • Reincorporation Period, in which the individual is reincorporated into the group as an adult member, and is recognized as such by all community members.

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