hw 7 2023 Business Finance

2023 write one page Please choose four to five questions from two sets of questions general questions

write one page.


Please choose four to five questions from two sets of questions: general questions listed in “Case&PaperGuideline” and case specific questions listed below. You don’t have to answer ALL the questions listed. You can write one short paragraph for each question, or use bullet points.  

Discussion questions for Case Chipotle and Chapter 5 Competitive Rivalry and Dynamics: 

1. What business level strategy is Chipotle using in its main business segment? Cost leadership, differentiation, focused, or integrated?


2. Based on internal analysis, what is Chipotle’s core competency, if any? Do you think the business level strategy identified in Q1 fits Chipotle’score competency?


3. Based on external analysis, how would you describe the competitive dynamics of the fast casual segment in the restaurant industry (higher price than fast service restaurants but lower price than full service restaurants), is it fast-cycle, slow-cycle, or standard-cycle market? What’s the typical strategy for market leaders in such a market (think of the speed of launching new products, brand name, market share, etc.)? What about fast service and full service segments? Do market leaders use different strategies in these segments?



4. Compare Chipotle and its major competitors (Taco Bell, Qdoba, Panera Bread, etc.), how would you describe their market commonality (in scope and in dependence/importance, customer in different age and income groups, international and domestic/US) and resource similarity (both tangible and intangible)? 



5. Based on your analysis of the industry and competitors in Q3 and Q4, what do you recommend Chipotle to do to respond to the attack from itscompetitors, for example, when Taco Bell introduced menu items (steak burrito and burrito bowl) similar to Chipotle’s?  

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