Discussion/ Week 3 Part 2 2023 Business Finance

2023 Write two initial reaction posts one to each primary question prompt each with a 100 word minimum The

Write two initial reaction posts (one to each primary question prompt) each with a 100-word minimum. The post is listed below. Both initial reaction posts must be posted by Thursday

1. Is the SWOT analysis still a viable decision-making tool? 

2. Why or why not?

A) Writing has to be Original

B) No less than 100 words


D) Answer the 2 questions within your discussion

In addition, to the first part of this assignment, you must read and respond to two other students’ initial reaction post (100-word minimum each). These two additional required response posts will be posted on Friday and response must be posted by Saturday.


Prompt 1:  Is the SWOT analysis still a viable decision-making tool? Why or why not?

Tali Victoria Kirk

I was just replying on the other discussion and talking about strengths and weaknesses. I clearly am on the side that the SWOT analysis is still an extremely viable decision making tool for people and companies. I explained the reason in my other comment for the first discussion, but I can recap it. I simply said that if one can find a strength they can use that knowledge to help grow it and make the person or company better. If one can find the weaknesses, they can use that knowledge to help remove that weakness or grow it into a strength. 

Erin Elizabeth Terebush

The SWOT analysis was created and used as a means for brainstorming new ideas and innovate new ideas. Today, it is still used for that purpose, however, I cannot say I think it is still as useful as it once was. It offers a way to brainstorm effectively, however, it is a bit outdated. A couple of its downfalls include not being able to prioritize ideas, not being able to identify the best solution/outcome, and produces quite a bit of useless information. A SWOT can provide information for problems/errors but it doesn’t help identify solutions in these problems. Furthermore it can create quite a few ideas but not a clear direction of which one would be best so the company is stuck in a “trial and error” situation. It’s a waste of resources including time and personnel. Unfortunately in today’s world, time is a hot commodity and cannot be wasted on any extra efforts that can be avoided in the first place. 


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