PUA5303 Unit IV Case Study 2023 Business Finance

2023 You are the manager of small department within a local government You


You are the manager of small department within a local government. You want to develop processes for effective decision-making with your newly assembled leadership team, but you want to ensure that you are not acting in an overly authoritative manner. 

Develop your findings and recommendations in which you discuss the items below. 

  • Determine different decision-making tactics that would      be more appropriate for improving communication within a small team or      group of about four to six mid- to high-level managers. 
  • Discuss the different types of power that you could      conceivably employ in coming to the most appropriate decision-making      processes. 
  • Differentiate between the sources and exercises of      power that would be most appropriate for this group in the context of      public administration organizational behavior. 
  • Provide an example from your own personal experiences      of positively engaging in decision-making processes when you have not been      the manager or in charge of the decision-making process. 

Your case study must be at least two pages in length and follow APA guidelines throughout. A minimum of two outside sources, not including the textbook, is required. 

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