Economics 2023 Business Finance

2023 You will be evaluating each of the questions as you will need to

You will be evaluating each of the questions as you will need to make sure to use relevant economic terms and content development in your work.

Scoring Rubric:

1. must include APA formatted in-text citation/reference, 20%

2. use of economic terms, 20%

3. correctness to each question and at least 2-3 paragraphs for each question, 60%


1. Explain the concept of opportunity cost in decisions that you have to make.

2. Analyze how incentives influence your daily decisions.

3. Explain how scarcity is determined in our economy.

4. Analyze the difference between macro and microeconomics and apply how each of them affects you.

5. Interpret how economics influences decisions that you have to make.

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