Briefing Research Paper 2023 Business Finance

2023 Your research paper for the economic policy brief considers the historical and policy contexts for a

Your research paper for the “economic policy brief” considers the historical and policy contexts for a specific country. You consider the economic development history and important economic and political developments that have impacted business in a specific country. This analysis considers the national, regional, and international contexts and the impact on business within North America (Canada, Mexico, USA) country.


Your success will involve researching, outlining, and drafting the paper prior to submitting your final draft. These instructions include Content Requirements and Guidelines. The thorough completion of this research paper assignment requires taking into account the following. 

Paper organization:  

Length:  The required length: 

Bachelor’s programs: 2-3 pages (at least 6 references)

Master’s programs: 4-5 pages (at least 12 references total from 6 sources)

Double-spaced 11’/12’ font Times New Roman. 

Please use an appropriate research paper structure that includes the 5 parts/sections/topics. Each section may have several paragraphs (sub-topics) within it to address issues thoroughly. 

Figures, Tables and Charts:

You may wish to include figures, tables, or charts, and please indicate the reference source including page number, if available, under each figure. Please use no more than 3 figures overall, maintain the emphasis on the quality of your writing. 


There are to be referenced from the following six sources. Research the specific data and background as pertain to your country’s economy: 

-1 IMF (International Monetary Fund) (particularly Balance of Payments sources)  

– 1 World Bank  and/or Doing Business 

– 1 WTO (World Trade Organization) country profile and position in negotiating groups – 

– At least 2 references from the class textbooks (include the specific page(s) in reference format)

– A reference to the country’s government website, regarding the economic policy impact on business

– Academic articles, news articles, and books, including from recommended readings on the Blackboard

Please structure the Economic Brief as following this outline:

1. Introduction

– The historical and economic overview of the country that you choose

– At what stage is this country’s economic development?

– Discuss political leaders and public attitudes towards the economy and institutions?

– The overview of your paper; include a thesis statement that summarizes the findings of your research 

2. Institutions: national and international 

– What are the qualities of the economic development level of the country?

– What international institutions are important to this country and why?

– Why do trade policy and monetary policy matter for economic development? 

3. International Trade Trends

– Participation in regional and global trade agreements/institutions

– State/government influence in trade policy development (public sector)

– Societal/business influence in trade policy development (private sector) 

– How does the exchange rate impact trade in the country (consider the last twenty years) 

4. Monetary Policy 

– Currency arrangement (floating, managed, or fixed) 

– Balance of Payments (current account and capital/financial account) surplus or deficit 

– Policy concerns related to price stability (inflation/deflation) and economic growth (the pursuit of full employment) 

5. Conclusions 

– Future concerns for international economics within the country and the region

– What has been learned about economics, public policy, and business behavior

– Potential for the country to participate in international cooperation in the future (trade and monetary) 

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