T or F – Secondary psychopaths are more likely to be found in a maximum security prison.

T or F – Current research on gender differences of psychopaths suggests that women far outnumber men.

T or F – The core behavioral dimension that reflects the interpersonal and emotional components, such as callousness and manipulation of others, is referred to as psychopathic factor I.

T or F – Hemisphere asymmetry refers to the observation that most psychopaths have superior language ability.

T or F – Psychopathy Screening Device or the PSD is one of the measures specifically designed to identify youths with psychopathic characteristics.

The behavior of the psychopath appears to be primarily an attempt to…
obtain adequate stimulation.

All of the following are characteristic of the psychopath except…
superficial harm.
extreme self-centeredness.
worry and anxiety about the future.
worry and anxiety about the future.

According to Cleckley, which absolute unchanging characteristic is always present in the psychopath?

Quay has said that psychopaths “know the words but not the music” in reference to their lack of real emotion. This is also known as
Semantic Aphasia

Which of the following statements about juvenile psychopathy is correct?
There are no instruments available for measuring juvenile psychopathy.
Juvenile psychopathy as a construct clearly does not exist.
Some researchers are concerned about the negative implications of labeling juveniles as psychopaths.
Juvenile psychopaths display behavior identical to that of adult psychopaths.
Juvenile psychopathy is correlated with sexual aggression.
Some researchers are concerned about the negative implications of labeling juveniles as psychopaths.

Currently, Hare’s PCL-R is the best measure available of identifying criminal psychopaths. According to Hare, what score must a person receive on this scale to be considered a criminal psychopath?

According to Robert Hare, antisocial individuals who display aggressive behavior learned from their subculture are __ psychopaths.