what causes an avoidant attachment
parents who are aloof, distant and avoid intimacy w their child

what causes an anxious/ambivalent attachment
parents are overbearing and inconsistent in affection and intimacy

An emotional response characterized by feelings of concern for another and a desire to alleviate that persons distress and experience their emotion
Affective empathy

The ability to understand a person from his/her frame of reference or point of view rather than from their own point of view and understand their emotion
Cognitive empathy

Deficiencies in empathy have been considered characteristic of (2)
Persistently aggressive and antisocial individuals

What act is associated with lack of empathy
Animal abuse

What is one of the strongest predictors if serious violent criminal behavior
Animal cruelty

Why is language impairments expected to be associated with criminal behavior
Because these children were most likely to be rejected by their peers and have built up frustration from not being able to express themselves and they may attempt to express themselves through violence

What is the psychometric approach
Searches for unique differences in persons through psychological tests

3 traits of ADHD
Excessive motor activity