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What is Creative Thinking?

Writing Develop a two-page essay that addresses the following:  Create your own definition of creative thinking.  Describe the criteria leaders should use to determine whether they are employing creative-thinking techniques.  Explain the difference between creative and status quo behaviors.  Briefly describe a professional situation you have been involved with that could […]

ECE 354 W3 Assessment & Intervention During Early Childhood D2

Writing Chapter 6 of your text discusses developmental checklists and how they can be used as a guide for curriculum planning.  As Wortham (2012) notes, “developmental checklists with a sequence of objectives provide guidelines for selecting the materials to place in centers to support curriculum and instruction” (p. 158).  For this discussion, you will use […]

Poli Question

Writing Directions: It is suggested that you take a few minutes to plan and outline each answer. Spend approximately 60 minutes answering each question. Illustrate your response with substantive examples where appropriate. Make sure your answers are typed, spell-checked, double-spaced, and regular 12 font. This EQ assignment is worth 50 points. 5 points (10% of […]

Narrative about my English 1020 class.

Writing This is a narrative paper that talks about the class during the semester. It has to be three full pages. i need you to break it to different paragraphs. Each paragraph is more than 5 sentences. The first paragraph is that the teacher helped me a lot in this class and write something good […]

cultural identity

Writing I beed to edit my paper and please pay attention to the rubric and the assignment instructions in the class we discussed that we all come from different social economic levels of families and in this paper, I grew up in Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah . a normal household and a lovely family my […]

Formal report writing

Writing look at the files that i upload it .  Here my formal report and i did the topic as well as a little bit of the first heading topic but didn’t complete it at the first heading topic . Also every page shows what to need to write about Instagram . Final report.docx   here […]

University of San Francisco Loyola Marymount University Application Essay

Writing I need an application essay for Loyola Marymount University. It can’t be more than 7500 characters. You can base this essay from this for another but it will have to talk about their entrepreneurship program. Please use the links. https://newsroom.lmu.edu/2017/11/14/lmu-ranked-among-top-25-colleges-entrepreneurship-princeton-review/ https://admission.lmu.edu/about/academics/majors/entrepreneurship/

Write one page paper social oppression, writing homework help

Writing Prompt for your one page paper: on ways that you each have dealt with social oppression of whatever kind (or not), oppression due to race, ethnicity, whether because of gender , sexuality, class or religion—how have you experienced this (or seen it) and how has it affected or changed you, as well as how you […]

2 page case brief intro to law for paralegals

Writing Attached is the case brief form, the case and other supporting documents. Briefing a case is the activity of summarizing a court opinion. A paralegal’s job revolves around writing. A paralegal will draft numerous documents including: correspondence with clients and other attorneys, memoranda, discovery requests, and legal pleadings. Most of the paralegal’s written documents […]

SPCH 101 Ethics, Public Speaking and Listening

Writing Listening Chapter 3 defines listening as “paying close attention to, and making sense of, what we hear.” The key to listening is the sense-making process. In order to do this, one has to CHOOSE to be an active listener. Active listening involves concentration and a commitment to sustained/prolonged focus. It’s a difficult, energy draining […]