i need you to write for me a paper call new release :

please use this sample to understand how i want you to write it i want it to look like the sample and also read the comments at the sample  : Sample new release(2).pdf 

also use this checklist : https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=6734E7E8B50940CF!2126&ithint=file%2cpdf&app=WordPdf&authkey=!AOE_JWGXEF4516E

and the is my previous focus group report Focus Group Report Final Draft.docx 

and this is my classmate work please look at it i need it to be very similar :    http://1drv.ms/1aWplon

My focus group is about Social Networking

please use this finding in writing the paper: 

The most notable finds of the session was:

  • Females accept sponsored pins

  • Males have little knowledge of Pinterest, creating boards geared towards their interest could attract a male demographic

This two key findings from the session are that male participants

* do not see any potential in Promoted Pins to attract male users

* already feel overwhelmed with the amount of social media and the “need to keep up”

The three most notable finds the focus group are that all participants :

·  feel certain companies will benefit greatly from advertising on Pinterest

·  advertising needs to be done in covert, simplistic ways

·  and, there will be little increase in male millennial users, although female users in the  millennial generation could potentially increase if advertising is done in a tasteful way.

The most four notable findings for this session are that

  • females accept and even welcome Promoted Pins but are not highly affected by them

  • most males lack interest in Pinterest, and Promoted Pins will not increase their interest

  • if anything, males find the Promoted Pins make Pinterest less attractive

  • Promoted Pins do not greatly alter female or male Pinterest usage

The most notable findings were:

Pinterest is that it gives the client the ability to define the brand. This makes it easier for people to relate to the brand and showcasing your passion, interest and area of expertise is a great way of connecting to the potential customers.

If the promoted pins are executed correctly, there is a possibility of high ROI for the clients, driving the large audience to your website. There is also an advantage of Pinterest private messaging, by using private messaging to create relationships with influential Pinterest users, retailer have the ability to extend the reach of each pin, which in turn creates more opportunities for pin-related sales.


Article & 2 paragraphs

1) Read article

(Helpful to do an initial review of the abstract, intro, variables/hypotheses, and findings/discussion)

2) Write a 4 sentence Rhetorical Precis paragraph.

***Please follow the guideline/handout examples provided for how to correctly write a four sentence precis.

3) The second paragraph will summarize and describe any implications that the article has for the practice of public or nonprofit management. In other words, this paragraph will summarize any information that you think will help a manager to do his or her job, and the organization, based on the findings and suggestions of the article. Each entry may contain additional information that you find useful.

* Please keep in mind when writing that i chose this article to assist me with my paper topic: The influence of organizational behavior(aka: performance or culture) and performance management on job satisfaction and employee retention.



For this assignment, you will search information from the Internet and write an essay paper discussing the following:

What was the intent of What was the intent of William Hogarth’s moral paintings, such as The Orgy? , such as The Orgy? Locate and discuss a moral painting or piece of art from any other time period.


  • Use any search engine to find information – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, or Dogpile are all good
  • Type in the subject you would like to research
  • Look for reputable source such as museums, libraries, and web addresses ending in “edu”
  • Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling, provide specific examples, and include concepts from the text readings.
  • Your paper should be 500 words, follow the APA or MLA format prescribed by your instructor (double-space, 12 pt. font, etc.) and include a Reference page listing all of your sources, including the textbook. Any paper without references will have an automatic 10-point deduction.


Assignment #3: Personal Therapeutic Diet Experience

This assignment simulates the experience of what it is like to have to follow a therapeutic diet. The purpose of this assignment is to develop empathy for people who have to follow special diets.

research the disease and its dietary recommendations. Follow the diet for this disease for 3 days. Also include any exercise you do during these 3 days in your online log.

the name of the disease is Cystic Fibrosis *****


Assignment Choice #2: Role of Women During WWI

Discuss the role of women during WWI. Using information from the documents, write an essay in which you discuss the following:

  • What new opportunities and challenges did women face during World War I?
  • Where did women work before, during, and after World War I?
  • In what 3 ways was society changed by women’s role in the First World War?

The paper should be 3- to 5-pages long (not including title or reference pages), APA


Arguing a Position Research Paper: The goal of this essay is to persuade your reader toward understanding your opinion on an issue. We will work on the various rhetorical elements that enable us to build convincing arguments, including developing a clear thesis, addressing counterarguments, and supporting and qualifying claims. Using correct MLA documentation, for this final essay you will use research and quotations from 6 outside sources to support your view.

MLA style

2000 words/6 pages (+Works Cited)


Activity on social networks continues to grow and expand. It is important for the users of social networks to be aware of the security features of social network websites. Research the security features of four or five popular social networks. Report your findings in your initial post for each social network website by considering the following questions:

  • Was there anything that surprised you about any of the security features?
  • Would you consider any of the security features to be sufficient?
  • What suggestions do you have to make the security features stronger?


Social Development

As Berk (2013) states, “Self-development begins with the dawning of self-awareness in infancy and gradually evolves into a rich, multifaceted, organized view of the self’s characteristics and capacities during childhood and adolescence” (pg. 448). Therefore it is important to have a comprehensive view of social development as it pertains to your work with children.

So, for this discussion you will:

  1. Choose two periods of development (infancy, early childhood, middle childhood or adolescence).
  2. For each period share two typical Social/Emotional Milestones.
  3. After viewing the Social Attributes Checklist, provide tips for how to help a child who is struggling in at least two areas from the “Social Skills Attributes” category.
  4. List at least one cognitive, one social and one cultural influence on self-concept for each of your chosen age groups.
  5. Lastly include a statement explaining the impact self-concept can have on development in each of your chosen age groups.

300 words or more.


  • Describe two ways you leave an electronic, digital trail when you go online with your computer or mobile device. Describe how these trails can be both beneficial and a potential security risk.
  • Write about a situation in which you or someone you know was a victim of a privacy, safety, or security breach online. Describe the situation and how it was eventually resolved (at least 3-5 sentences).
  • Put your name into a search engine such as Google and review your own digital trail. Briefly describe what you found. Note: If you have a common name, you may need to add additional search terms or experiment with different search terms (ex: Dan Smith Clinton, Iowa).
  • Now that you have explored your own digital trail, identify at least three steps you can take to protect your privacy, safety, and security on the web.

Your initial post should contain a minimum of 250 words and be written in complete sentences.


  • Ensure you have taken the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI). List the four scores you have for each pattern, the level of use for each, and identify whether you are a Dynamic, Bridge, or Strong-Willed Learner. Scores range from 7 to 35.
  • Describe specific examples (minimum of three to five sentences each) of how you have used each of the four Learning Patterns. Your examples should provide a picture of the thoughts, feelings, and actions you have when using that Pattern.
  • Reflect on these three areas: school, work, and personal relationships. Write a paragraph describing how awareness of your Learning Patterns will help you in these areas. Identify changes you can make as a result of an awareness of your Learning Patterns.

Your initial post should contain a minimum of 250 words and be written in complete sentences.

(will give you additional info needed)