There is no pages requirement to this assignment , you just need to cover all the section. we do not need teacher name.

I want you to attend class in elementary school and please tell me what class it is.

I will go to a school in my neighborhood to prove that I went to a classroom observation, because the professor need the emails between us.


2.2 – Provide Effective Instructional Program
2.3 – Apply Best Practice to Student Learning
2.4 – Design Comprehensive Professional Growth Plans

Directions to the Candidates:

The classroom observation is the culminating assignment for the Supervision of Instruction course. It includes the following five sections:

  1. Pre-conference with teacher

  2. Classroom observation

  3. An analysis and interpretation of your observation

  4. Post-conference with teacher

  5. Design a Comprehensive Professional Growth Plan

During the pre-conference, you will meet with the teacher being observed in order to establish a congenial rapport. Make sure that you inform your teacher that the observation will remain anonymous, and will primarily be utilized for your own development as an instructional leader. In addition, the following points should be covered during the pre-conference:

• Establish expectations

  • –  What are you looking for during the observation?

  • –  What does the teacher hope to gain during the observation?

  • Ask teachers what is important to them.

  • Discuss the method and form of observation (quantitative or qualitative, specific type)

    You will provide a summary of the pre-conference in the first section of the final report. Make sure that you touch upon all of the aforementioned points.

    Classroom Observation
    Before you conduct the actual observation, you should decide on the type of observation you will employ (i.e. detached open-ended narrative, visual diagramming, focused questionnaire, etc). This choice is based on the pre-conference agreements established between the teacher and you, the observer. You should choose the type of observation that is most compatible with the information you are seeking and that will be most useful to the teacher. Make sure that you are familiar with the type of observation before you enter the observation session.

    In your final report, you should discuss the type of observation you chose and the rationale for the choice. In addition, please include the actual observation notes, charts, and/or diagrams in this section.

    Observer Analysis and Interpretation 
    In this section, you will analyze and interpret the data before you as it relates to the goals and expectations set forth in the pre- conference. Draw on your expertise as a developing instructional leader to discuss the meaning behind teacher-student verbal exchanges, the reasons for off-task behaviors, the quality of the guided practice activity, or any element that is relevant to your particular observation. Make recommendations that provide an effective instructional program and show the design, implementation, and evaluation of a curriculum that fully accommodates learners’ diverse needs. Be sure to show how technology can be used to enrich the instructional practices of the teacher and apply principles of effective instruction to improve the teacher’s instructional practices.

    In addition, you will discuss the type of approach you will take with the teacher in the post-conference (collaborative, directive- informational, nondirective, etc.). Provide a rationale for this approach.

    Make sure you take copious notes during the post-conference. Discuss the observation in great detail, including your observations and interpretations. Allow the teacher to elaborate on and clarify the choices made during the lesson. Provide feedback to the teacher on the lesson and provide some recommendations for future lessons as it relates to best practices for student learning. Suggest specific

activities that apply principles of human development theory, proven learning and motivational theories, and concern for diversity to the learning process.

Finally, ask the teacher for feedback on your performance as the observer, including the way in which you carried out the pre- conference, the specific approach you utilized during the post-conference, and the feedback given to the teacher. Summarize this conversation in this section of the final report.

Professional Growth Plan 
Use this observation to form a comprehensive professional growth plan that reflects a commitment to life-long learning. You may use the feedback given to you in the post-conference. Remember, the objective is to support and develop teachers. Talk to me from this perspective. The plan should incorporate well planned professional development programs based on your reflections and relevant research on student learning.

Written Paper Requirements:

  • Please keep in mind that the paper must adhere to APA standards.

  • You may use the aforementioned points as an outline for your paper.

  • Refer to your syllabus for standards for written work.

    Classroom Observation Project Rubric is attached.

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