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Computer games

Personal computer games also known as the computer games demonstrate the video games which are played on a personal computer rather than an arcade machine or a video game console. The most defining features of these games include a higher degree of user control of the gaming software and hardware, absence of central controlling ability. Another most defining characteristic of the games is the increased capacity for input to the pc, processing and consequently the output (Mathews, para 1-15). The people playing the computer games are able to interact with objects that are displayed on the computer screen for the purpose of entertainment. The computer games have been classified into different typologies such as skill and action games, role and strategy games, hybrid play among others. There are recent arguments that computer games do not encourage full brain growth and development in children and even translate to some of these children been completely antisocial. Nonetheless, some people see great potential for educating the players within the field of games and a serious gaming community has sprung up within the years. The game developers have been able to architect experiences and design learner environments. This article highlights the pros and cons for children engaging in computer games.

There are arguments that the kids who engage in playing the computer games for longer hours on end are at risk of stunted brain growth. The children who play these computer games round the clock are also related with high loss of self-control. Recent studies show that the thought processes that are require by the pc games are easy to stimulate the vital areas of the brain. This consequently translate to consequential behavioral difficulties like violence as well as underdevelopment. Ryuta Kawashima who is a professor of Tohoku University in Japan stated that “the greatest threat from computer games was not in their tendency to arouse aggression, as previously thought, but in the lack of mental stimulation they provided”. The professor with his research team engaged in a procedure of measuring brain activity teenagers while the teenagers were playing Nintendo games and related to another group engaging in arithmetic. The results indicated that, contrary to the simple arithmetic exercise, the Nintendo game did not stimulate the frontal lobe of the brain (Mathews, para 1-15). The brain’s frontal lobe is a vital area that plays the part in repression of the anti-social impulses and is associated with emotion, memory and learning. Absence of stimulation within the frontal lobe of the brain before 20 years of age barred the neurons from thickening as well as connecting. This consequently impairs the ability of the brain to control impulses like aggression and violence. A highly stimulated as well as highly developed brain is able to increasingly control the impulses of violence and aggression. There will be a problem that will be experienced with the new generation of the children who are on the verge of playing computer games never seen before. The increased children games will have far reaching implications emanating from the increased aggressive and violent society. The students are predicted to be engaging in more bad things and they will not engage in useful activities such as learning arithmetic or even reading aloud. If the computer games are made the sole source of mental stimulation for a longer period of time at the time when the brain is developing, it could result into underdeveloped frontal lobe. This would lead to the increasing behavioral problems associated with the underdevelopment of the frontal lobe. The main reason as to why the pc games do not develop the brain is due to the fact that they simply need the repetition of very simple actions. In addition, the pc games highly capitalize on the quick reflexes as compared to carrying out the mentally challenging actions like analysis of forward planning. The professor goes further and indicates that teaching kids to play comparatively demanding games like chess would be better as compared to purchasing a computer game for them. However, the children of this x and y generation would not comfortably welcome this idea. Stimulation of the brain’s frontal lobe was crucial in production of a chemical called serotonin that is used to repress impulses by the brain. Effectively stimulating this area of the brain leads to production of the serotonin chemical and this translates to repression of the anti-social urges. However, when the frontal lobe is not stimulated and it does not grow, the levels of serotonin fall and this reduces the ability of an individual to be in control of their behavior.  The study by professor Kawashima showed that reading out loud is vital in stimulating the brains’ frontal lobe.

Cheryl Olson a researcher dealing in studies of children and pc games stated that “video games clearly create a common ground that young people can use to make friends”. There is the stereotype of a nerdy gamer who is in solitude in the minds of many (Tanner Helland com, para 1-7). However, most video games for the kids provide an intense social activity amongst the children. Most of the kids in the current generation play the pc games collectively in real time. An example is the case for two or even more kids square off in the maiden game. At times the kids even engage in playing with or even against other players who are in the virtual world. Most of the kids like playing in groups so that they can share their resources and even negotiate moves as is the case of mine craft game. Shawn a psychologist in University of Wisconsin says that ‘video games change your brain’. Playing the computer games changes the physical structure of the brain in the same way as map navigation, playing piano and learning. Games bring forth rewarding surges and a power concentration of neurotransmitters such as dopamine strengthening the neural circuits which may build the brain. The researchers find the video games as a synthesis of the traditional arts with a component of interaction. Recent surveys indicate that roughly 65% of the children play games with others who are in the game rooms with them. 27% of the game playing kids also connect with other children via the internet. Roughly 11% of the kids play the games by themselves. The study also shows that gaming develops image cognition as well as reflexes (Fink, para 1-7)

Broadly speaking, it is clear that there are opposing research camps within the field of the pc gaming studies. There are individuals who believe that their scientific research illustrates a causal connection between the mental effects of playing video games and the subsequent behaviors. On the other hand there are individuals who believe that there are no causal link between playing the computer games and their behaviors. Researchers agree that the video games can become problematic, but it would be unfair to infer that playing the video games has destroyed the ability of the children to socialize. However, it is important to recognize that with the current generation computer games will be continuously invented and in one way or another the children will continue playing. In light of the aforesaid the researchers should focus of positively constructing the gaming medium instead of trying to eliminate the games.


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