All of the following are characteristic of juveniles with the callous-unemotional trait cluster except…
lack of empathetic concern for others.
poverty of emotional expression.
limited capacity for guilt.
tendency to commit various status offenses.
tendency to commit various status offenses.

The statute that allows the detention or supervision of a juvenile presumed to be in need of protection is called

Scott Henggeler and his colleagues have designed a treatment approach for serious juvenile offenders that is responsive to many of the social systems influencing the child’s delinquent behavior. This treatment approach is called…
multisystemic therapy.

Which statement is NOT true about gender differences in status offenses?
Girls are more likely than boys to be taken into custody for status offending.
Recent research suggests that gender differences in offending may be explained by innate biological factors.
Girls are more likely to run away from home because of victimization in the home.
Historically, girls and boys’ socialization resulted in impacted gender differences.
Recent research suggests that gender differences in offending may be explained by innate biological factors.

Which type of prevention consists of working with children and adolescents who demonstrate some early signs of aggressive, antisocial, conduct disorder, or delinquent behavior but have not yet been formally classified as delinquent?

Patterson’s Coercion Developmental Theory places more emphasis on , whereas Moffitt’s Developmental Theory emphasizes .
parenting; characteristics of the child.

A child delinquent is between the ages of

T or F – Juveniles as a group are responsible for a small percentage if arrests compared with adults, although they are arrested disproportionately compared with other age groups.

The major focus of MST is…
The family

T or F – In studies examining gender differences and juvenile crime, recent research has shown that the gender gap for drug and violent offenses is getting smaller.

T or F – There is good evidence that most serious, persistent delinquency and crime patterns usually begin early and worsen with age.

T or F -Children with callous-unemotional traits lack empathic concern for others.

If the court determines that an individual was robbed of her or his own free will at the time of a homicide because of mental disease or defect, the individuals would most likely be judged…

Which disorder has been referred to as the UFO of psychiatry?
Dissociative Identity disorder