One of the most under-utilized resources of students who are struggling in the classroom is their faculty member. Being intimidated, not being able to find a common time, or not thinking it will be worthwhile are all reasons commonly used by students who do not take the opportunity to get to know their professors and or ask for help. Faculty members are the experts in their field and can serve as fantastic mentors, advisors and future references. 

To encourage an increase in student-faculty interaction, you are required to interview four professors, which includes professors you currently have in class. During your interview, ask them about things you are interested in as they relate to your education, career and future. Take notes during each interview and compile all of your notes and a summary of your experiences into a report. The report must be a 1000 words minimum typed (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins, and Times New Roman). The report should contain analysis of what you learned when talking to each faculty member as well as how your perspective has changed towards your professors and whether you will continue to visit your professors in the future.

 Professor Rasha AlAli (Biology)

> 1- What is the best and the worst thing about being a professor?The best is seeing students faces when they learn something they didn’t know before or when I get emails telling me that I made them love science!
The worst is probably all the grading, just kidding, no bad part of my job!

> 2- Why did you decide to enter this field (Being a professor)?Always loved teaching and sharing my passion for genetics.

> 3- How do you manage your class?Lecture and hands on laboratory work.

> 4- How to get an A in your class?Read the syllabus! Come prepared to learn, pay attention and be an active member of class!

> 5- In your opinion, what is success? or what does success means to you ?Success to me is getting students excited about genetics!

 Professor Eric Bubar (Movie Science)
1- What is the best and the worst thing about being a professor?

The best thing about being a professor is trying to get students excited about learning topics that they normally wouldn’t be interested in.

The worst thing about being a professor is having to assess student understanding and effort.  I wish I could just teach for the sake of teaching and students could just learn for the sake of learning.  Unfortunately studies have shown that there is a tendency for students to not complete assignments or put forth effort into a course if they are not regularly graded.

2- Why did you decide to enter this field (Being a professor)?

I realized that I had a knack for explaining difficult concepts at a level that is generally understandable.  Plus I enjoy the freedom of being able to choose how to teach my students, what to teach my students and get the chance to try new things every day so that my job never gets boring.

3- How do you manage your class?

I try to operate a relaxed classroom where everyone can be comfortable to speak up and communicate freely.  I think its important for someone in a field that scares many students (physics/science) to be approachable and friendly to demonstrate that students don’t need to be afraid of a subject.  

4- How to get an A in your class?

All my courses have different expectations.  For DSC 101 getting an A means attending every day of class (this is CRITICAL to success in college).  You have to have the maturity to never miss a class meeting.

On top of this attendance (which I would consider a “C” level of performance) students have to participate enthusiastically in class discussions and in movie chats.  When I ask questions, students should answer with well thought out and researched answers.  If myself (or a classmate!) asks a question in movie chat, you should go find the answer and point out proper references for how you found this answer.  Finally, you have to turn in high quality papers and presentations.  This means standing in front of the class and talking about your slides (if you choose powerpoint) instead of reading them.  It means researching deeply into a topic and sometimes going through multiple iterations of an assignment to get a quality piece of work delivered.  

5- In your opinion, what is success? or what does success means to you ?

I think success is being happy in your life.  Whatever your career goals are, you should seek something to do with your life that will make you happy most days.  If making money will make you happy, find a job that will do that for you.  If helping others makes you happy, find a career to do that for you.

Professor Lynn Lorenz (The Business Experience)

1- What is the best and the worst thing about being a professor?

The best thing is being able to take the knowledge I’ve learned over a long career in the workplace and pass it along to people just beginning their careers.

The worst thing is having to deal with students who cheat by copying answers from the Internet or my having someone else write their papers for them.  They may complete the work but they haven’t learned anything.

2- Why did you decide to enter this field (Being a professor)?

I can’t say I decided to be a professor.  After a career in the corporate world I left to start my own consulting practice.  I was asked at the last minute to fill in to an open position and everything worked out from there. 

3- How do you manage your class?

I like to impose business standards in my class — basically the same as would be expected in a work situation.  In addition, I try to keep the projects and papers very realistic so they relate to what students will need to know in the real world.

4- How to get an A in your class?

There are a number of things students need to do: 

1)  Attend all classes, on time, and pay attention

2) Complete all work (large projects and small), on time, and following the rubric (directions)

3) Study for the tests using the resources available

5- In your opinion, what is success? or what does success means to you ?

Success is setting a goal (ideally somewhat challenging), determining a plan to reach that goal, following that plan (with contingency plans as needed) and meeting it.  Goals can be long term or short term, but always doing your best to meet your goals will lead to success.


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