 Each question should be typed (single-spaced in bold) with the response below (double-spaced).

 Each question should be answered honestly and completely.

 Each question should be at least one full page long but there is no maximum.


Each question is worth 20 points. Give specific examples to support all of your answers.

1.  What was your perception of freshmen orientation when you registered for the course (exclude instructor and just focus on course content)? Now that you have completed the course, what is your new perception? (Note – All sections of ORBM 102 teach the same material. The delivery style depends on the instructor.)

Before taking the class my ideas about it that I will learn basic information about business. I did not know that will be learn deeply in business life. Where I can work after I graduate.

After taking the class. I know how to present perfectly in job field, how to be ready for interview. How is the dress for men & women. How to be able to search for job. How to be ready for work

2. At the midpoint of this course, you gave an analysis of how the members of your company (group/team) worked together. Now that you have completed the semester:

 First, evaluate the performance of each member of your team.

Aziz____ was Reliable person- work hard—inspire all the team member- able to handle responsibility perfect- Always on time

Bretine___ At the beginning we have a time management problem. Sometime she did not show up. After the midterm she changed become more responisable- do her best- she gave a creative idea- she came on time- she suppose to be a leader

Deark__ is the leader for the group. After the midterm he become kind of negative person- he thought that we don’t listen to his ideas but that is not right- He helped a lot with the final presentation

Antonia__ She added later to the team a few days before the midterm- very inspire and motivate person. Always smile- Sometimes she helped me  and Aziz with understand some words that we don’t know because English is not our first language.

 Next, take us through your teams “5 stages of team development”

Step Forming:

At the beginning we were nervous- I was shy- me and Aziz worried how to communicate with native speaker. At  was our first time working with group

Step Storming

At the beginning we had a problem with time- for example, Dearke think that we don’t listen to him

Step Norming:

Days after day we become more friendly with each other. We managed time problem. Helped each other

Step Performing:

We worked hard through the semester. At one point we thought that we will not be at the first place at presentation. But we were wrong we worked hard and we deserve to be in the first place

Step Adjourning:

We reached this point by achieving the first place in the final presentation and we are happy that we worked hard as group

Finally, tell how your group/team functioned for the remainder of this semester. For example, did you grow stronger, did you fall short; how did you come together for the different team presentations (i.e. Hot Topics in Higher Education, CareerPedia; GSBM Inventors EXPO, GSBM Olympics)? Also, did you shift from a group to a team, team to group, or did you stay consistent in just one of these areas?

We start slowely and then we become a stronger and work hared after the second presentation. In the Second presentation, we were dispointed because two of the group member didont show up and that make us worried how to finish it without them. But that did not effect us to work more hared in the Expo, Brietine because she missed the second presentation she tried her best with expo to make up her missing.  After the midterm we shifted from grouo to team

3. How did you handle stress and time management when you reached the Pressure Point Season (Back to Back Convocations, Multiple meetings with team members and instructor, two presentations in less than 30 days)? Did you see any changes in your

personal character, the character of your team members or the team’s outcomes of these projects?

After I knew my team member that helped me to relave and not worry how to communicate with them. They motivated me and helped me to feel that I am one of them and English is obsticales. At the beginning we had an issue with time, After a while we figurate how to work it out. For example, We looked to each other sceduall and managed the free time for all of us to meet. Also, if someone cant make it some of us meet him next day and inform him about what we discussed. For me, I become very comfortable and have more energy and work hard. Other team members come more friendaly with each other and taking careing of other

4. What are the five most important pieces of information and/or lessons learned from freshmen orientation this semester? How will you use this information throughout your college, professional and/or personal life?

1-  Work as team– help me to know how is team works- listen to different ideas- respect other- caring to other- how to be a succeful team

2-  Time management– how to manage time with more than one person- working before the deadline

3-  How is business person should look– how to dress- how to present- how to do interview

4-  Job searching– how to write a good resume- to do profiesional biography that help us to have a chance of getting jobs easily

5-  How to become succeful in business life

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