The psychodynamic approach to the treatment of aggressive behavior would most likely emphasize.
Reduction of aggressive energy through supervised aggressive behavior.

An approach in psychology that views human cognition and behavior in a broadly Darwinian context of adaptation to evolving physical and social environments is called
Evolutionary Psychology

Freud believed the causes of aggression to be…

_ refers to self-focused attention toward one’s thoughts and feelings. In other words, the person keeps thinking about an incident long after it is over.

After getting into a physical altercation with a co-worker at his job site, George tailgates two cars on the drive home and throws a cell phone at his wife when he arrives home to find that dinner is not ready. The above scenario is an example of…
Excitation transfer theory

Which of the following behaviors represents an example of passive-aggressive behavior?
Slapping someone
Refusing to speak to someone
Shouting at someone
Shooting at someone
Refusing to speak to someone

All of the following offenses are considered violent except….

Most forms of white collar crime would fall into which of the following categories of aggressive behavior?

The tendency to attack space violators is referred to as…

The tendency to perceive hostile intent in others even when it is totally lacking is called…
hostile attribution bias.

Malicious gossip is an example of what type of human aggression?
Indirect active verbal

The tendency of a variety of people across the country to model or copy particular criminal activity portrayed by the entertainment media is called…
Contagion effect.

Waaktaar et al. (2004) conducted a study to explore how resilience or protective factors could be used to help at risk youths. The researchers targeted four resilience factors for therapeutic intervention. What were these four factors?
Positive peer relations, self-efficacy, creativity, and coherence.

T or F – Female delinquency has steadily decreased since 1995.