Rate of ADHD delinquents
1/4 of children w ADHD engage n serious antisocial behavior in adolescence and criminal behavior in adulthood

What disorder commonly occurs w ADHD
conduct disorder

How do people w conduct disorder get their needs met
Through threats and intimidation

Which onset of conduct disorder is worse
Child onset

Common behaviors of someone w conduct disorder
Aggression to people and animals
Destruction of property
Deceitfulness or theft
Serious violations of rules

Psychological risk factors for delinquency (5)
1 cognitive/language deficiencies
2 low IQ
4 conduct disorder
5 lack of empathy

What is mofffit’s developmental theory
Life course persistent offenders show neurological problems early and adolescent limited offenders offending typically occurs in early teen years and ends before 18th birthday

sex offenders parents were :
inconsistent with their affection and poor at identifying their child’s needs