What is missing from lax, permissive and neglectful parenting styles
Parental monitoring

qualities of an enmeshed parenting style
parents see an unusually large number of minor behaviors as problematic and they use ineffective authoritarian parenting strategies to deal w the child. the parent uses verbal threats but fails to back them up and is constantly showing disapproval

qualities of a lax parenting style
these parents are not sufficiently attuned to what constitutes problematic or antisocial behavior and allows bad behaviors to slip by without discipline. these parents convince themselves that their children are not bad.

what is parental monitoring
refers to the parents awareness of their child’s peer associates, free time activities, and physical whereabouts

when is parental monitoring most important
ages 9 and up

what two parental pathology increases risk of problems in children
parental alcoholism and depression

who developed attachment theory

what is attachment theory
it states that infants have a strong need to establish close emotional bonds with significant others in their social environments and the nature of this bond determines their quality of social relationships later in life

qualities of a secure attachment
play comfortably in mothers presence, demonstrate curiosity about new environments, are in distress when the mother leaves, and happy when she returns

two types of insecure attachments and their qualities
anxious/ambivalent – becomes insanely distressed and anxious by separation and clings to mother in new environment, hostile when mother returns
avoidant – little distress when parent leaves, withdrawn