1 – What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

Try to be specific here. I know there is uncertainty – but picture what that might look like, – where you will be, who you will be around want you see yourself doing.

Half page

10 points

2 – What are the 2-3 values most important to you? How do those values affect what you see yourself doing?

What are the values?

Try to define what those values really are.

Would do those values mean to you?

How do they related to your 50,000 view of your life?
How are they affecting your choices?

In some ways defining and writing about this could be more crucial that what you actually DO. As it’s ultimately about what you think is IMPORTANT, and you could “do” it in many ways.

Three Quarters of a page

10 points

3 – What is an experience that led to your most crucial value?

Really tell it.

Make it visual so I can see it.

What did you feel? What did you experience?

Three Quarters of a page

10 points

4 –Growth is accomplished through learning and experience. What are the most important things you will need to learn and experience to help you reach your goal for your life in 5 years?

This really requires some self reflection.

Hopefully at this point of your like you don’t feel like you are a finished product.

What do you feel you need to learn? What experiences do you think are necessary?
What skills do you feel like you need to develop?

Three-quarters of a page

10 points

5 – Who are the people you would like to learn from? Who would you like to work with? Who would you like to lead?

This really asks you about who are the people that you want to have in your life from both a professional and also a “values,” perspective.

If you had to pick a mentor, who might that be?
If you want to do further education what would you like to learn?

Where do you see yourself being further mentored and educated, what kind of programs?

Half page

5 points

6 – What “Change” will you lead? Who will you affect? What will be your objectives?

If Leadership is ultimately about inspiring change, what kind of change do you want to make in your work, community, the world?

What are several “ways” that change will be embodied? What will it look like?

Who are the people that will be affected by the change?

How will you know that you are successful?
What is your objective (s)? Be super specific here. Remember objective is not what YOU are doing but how you affect the audience.
What is your standing ovation?

Three Quarters of a Page

10 points

7 – What “lesson” or “influence” or “capabilities” will you draw from the leadership bio, leadership book, interview you are reading?

Really put to use the learning you’ve done, or experiences you’ve gained by reading the book you’ve read, or person you’ve spoken to.

Be concrete about lessons or capabilities.

Why have they been important to the person that you read or interviewed? Why will they be important to you?

Half page

10 points

8 – How will you know you are successful in your 5 year plan? What are the benchmark goals, and time frames for your plan?

What will you accomplish after 1 year, 3 years, 5 Years?

Half page

10 points

9 – What obstacles will you need to over come? How will you “embrace” these obstacles?

What will be hard about accomplishing what you want to do?

Nothing that’s worth doing is really easy! So what makes this challenging?

What stands in the way?
What will you have to overcome in yourself?

What will you have to overcome in others?
Perhaps, what will you have to overcome in society?

Half Page

5 points

10- Please include 10 images of things you want to explore, or do, challenges, inspirations, references about your next 5 years.

Have fun. Be original. 10 vivid images. These images can be spread throughout, they don’t all have to be in one section.

10 points

11 – Please Include a ¾ – 1 page summary of the leadership bio, leadership book, or interview you are reading/conducting.

If it’s a book – try to give a summary of the book, for someone who is deciding whether or not to read it. Or try to convey what the major ideas and take-aways are. So that someone who hasn’t read it, can learn what are the most important things you learned.

If it’s an interview – give a summary of the most important things that the person said, and feel free to provide quotes, even paragraphs that you think are most important or influential for you.

¾ to 1 page.

10 points

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