September – December 2023 Week 1 Discussion 2 Response

Business & Finance

THIS IS A RESPONSE ONLY. 100 WORD RESPONSE IS NEEDED.CHART IS ATTACHED, Thank youHi Class,For this assignment I chose to look at Alaska Airlines Aircraft fleet, age of the fleet, seats each type of aircraft holds, and how old each one is. We want to know the who, what, what to analyze data.The variables are cross-sectional. There are several variables that are measured at the same point.The important factors in the dataset are the type of aircraft and how many seats are available. The value (for Alaska Airlines)  here is to put the correct aircraft in the correct market to fill the most seats. A full plane is can be 100% revenue if the plane is owned. Age of aircraft could showcase efficiencies to cut/lower costs.This table is Quantitative because units of measure are used. Quantity is the quantitative value. One unit = 1 aircraft. However, categorical could be used for the age of the aircraft.The value of the data shows how many planes are in the Alaska Airlines’ fleet. Investors can determine how Alaska fleets line up with other big carriers such as United Airlines or Delta. Investors can see what aircraft are positioned throughout the market. Competitors may find this useful because the data can help understand what markets are underserved based on the fleet count. Southwest for example has 700+ planes in their network. This can be used as leverage to over-saturate flight offerings in a given market, lowering prices and pushing competitors out.References:Key Reports. Alaska Air Group Inc. (2021, April 22). (Links to an external site.).Sharpe, N. D., De Veaux, R. D., & Velleman, P. F. (2019).Business statistics(4th ed.). Retrieved from

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