September – December 2023 Please see attachment and see if you can help me… Thanks. This is not a essay! u9a

Business & Finance

Assignment: Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint (or similar resource) to accompany your voice over presentation. There are numerous career options available for business and finance students. It is useful to know the expected salaries and projected job demand and other parameters relevant to the industry. In this Assignment, you will learn more about the career of interest to you, by presenting your findings to your instructor and prospective students. This Assignment will help you to develop skills necessary for career development and job performance. Given the outcome of your research of career choices, you will demonstrate college-level communication through the process of oral delivery to present your findings. Use PowerPoint (or similar resource) to create your presentation. Through the use of electronic libraries/databases, you will present career opportunities in your field to educate yourself and potential students. You will write about your chosen career options using a sustained view point and purpose. You will narrate your slides with clear annunciation, and academic-professional tone with minimal back ground interference. You must compose your Assignment in original materials in Standard English to demonstrate college-level communication. Use this information to then prepare, organize, and present a PowerPoint presentation. Follow these Instructions on how to provide voice over/oral communication to a PowerPoint presentation. For assistance in your search of career opportunities, use the Library and specific keyword searches to assist in your collection of data.

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