September – December 2023 Informational Graphics Set

Business & Finance

You work for a company which manufactures wind turbine and sells them internationally. You have been asked to prepare a portion of a report discussing how sales abroad have increased in recent years. Shown below are the number of sales per year for 2018, 2019, and 2020, listed in that order, for 8 countries.CountryUnits SoldAustralia              75, 90, 120Brazil                   28, 35, 36Canada               118, 225, 256China                   9, 100, 287England               245, 352, 442Germany             238, 397, 485Japan                  65, 48, 29Korea                  55,41, 27Create two visuals which complement each other, one a table, and the other a graph. You are free to choose the type of graph.Also, write a paragraph in which you analyze and compare the data in your visuals, making note of any significant trends.

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