September – December 2023 3 Part Business Law Assignment

Business & Finance

Part 1See the attached case (M6A1 Fluormatic part 1) and answer the Critical Thinking and Ethical Decision Making question/s that follow the case summary in the attachment Note: some online research may prove helpful.Part 2The holder in due course provision can mean different things in the UCC and in state laws.Look at, read about the same provision in the, examine, respond to the following items:Compare the UCC version of the holder in due course doctrine with the holder in due course provision in Massachusetts.How is the latter similar or different from the UCC provision?Compare Illinois version to that of the UCC.How is Illinois’ doctrine similar or different from the UCC provision?Part 3Bankruptcy law has been a topic for debate for the US Government. Go online to read search the Internet for additional information about his proposed reforms.Respond to the following items:Give arguments either in support or opposition to the Obamas proposals.In your reasoning, be sure to reference the impact of the most recent changes in bankruptcy law.Each part must be a page in length and have its own sources cited in APA format.

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