September – December 2023 Career Planning Management

Business & Finance

Job Analysis and Career PlanTo complete this assignment you will be researching careers of interest to you.If you aren’t yet sure what career you are interested in, please visit the “I’m not really sure” assessment from My Next Move ( to help you with this first step. Complete the assessment and choose two careers to target.The next step will be to create a matrix of information that will combine information about your chosen career path with steps you need to take to reach your goal.  Information from the above website will inform you on how to fill out the matrix.To do so, please visit  This website will help you search by industry. Use the yellow section on the main page. You will learn about Holland Codes on O*Net in week two. This week, practice using one of O*Net’s other search functions based on the SKILLS that you learned in your major. UMGC has gathered together numerous resources grouped by industry. It has numerous resources that are both general and career specific. The career specific links can also introduce you to internship opportunities.Use the Job Analysis and Career Plan EXAMPLE.TEMPLATE as a starting point. Review it, and use it as a template to include your own information. Save it as YOUR NAME Job Analysis and Career Plan.docx, please!You should complete a job analysis and career plan on the template and submit it to the assignment folder.

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