September – December 2023 Assignment 2 : Contacts in Procurement And Supply

Business & Finance

I need an assignment for my certification, I have submitted an assignment but I got 43 mark out of 100 which is failed . The passing mark is 70 . I need to make a massive editing  on my assignment not create new one  I will share their feedback about my assignment so you can edit and where to fix .It’s very professional training institution so the writing must be professional.Attached 7 files  below :1 : (Assignment 2) : my assignment which I wrote and failed2: (My assignment Feedback). : feedback of my submitted assignment and why I failed3: ( Candidate Assignment Guidance) : general guidelines you should follow4 : ( Assignment Questions) : the questions and requirements of this assignment.5: SABIC terms and conditions for local and foreigner suppliers which must be included in the assignment.6: My colleague Thamer Assignment but please DO NO COPY from him just read and make similar points because he passedSyllabus Coverage Must Be Included :The following content from the Practitioner syllabus can be used to answer this assessment:• The main types of contracts and agreements• The documentation that is used to create commercial agreements for the supply of goods, services or works• The sources of express terms that can be used to regulate contracts made for the supply of goods or services• The legal issues that relate to the creation of commercial agreements with customers or suppliers relating to offers, counter offers, acceptance, and other issues• Core clauses that comprise commercial agreements with customers or suppliers• Key provisions of legislation that relate to contracts for the supply of goods and services• The use of contractual KPIs that link to technical and commercial requirements in contracts• The main types of risks in the performance of contracts such as internal, market, economic, legal, ethical sourcing and performance based risks Performance management and ensuring compliance to agreed standards• Payment responsibilities in contract management• Creating targets for assessing the performance of suppliers based on the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) targets for performanceBellow points are important:- Please read the general guidelines to incorporate it- please read my assignment and include the syllabus coverage as per above- please read the feedback I received for my assignment so you know what to fix- must add references minimum 10- must be 3000 words you can add more not a lot- must add Executive Summary introduction, recommendations, conclusion- incorporates examples from SABIC company like you work in Procurement in SABIC which is a company in KSA . You can open their website and get information.-You must make it not general but specific for SABIC like a buyer if the assignment not written like this I will not accept.-link with SABIC terms and conditions and add clauses and write about them

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