September – December 2023 Business Communication Sales Presentation Outline

Business & Finance

In this module’s reading, you were introduced to the Five Finger Method of creating effective presentations: attention statement, introduction, body, conclusion, and residual message. You learned that the five finger model can easily be transformed into a clear speech outline.During the coming modules, you will develop a clear sales presentation and communicate it to your audience. You will create and submit a video recording of your presentation for instructor evaluation. The following are the requirements for this oral presentation:You must select an existing product and create a sales presentation for that product.You must include a minimum of three sources/references which must be located in the EC Virtual Library, such as reputable ebooks, peer-reviewed articles, magazines, journals, or other support materials. Do not include Internet resources for this assignment, unless you can make a compelling case for the inclusion to your instructor. Properly cite all resources in APA format.Your presentation must be at least 5 minutes in length. Limit your presentation to a maximum of 10 minutes, when possible.You must deliver the presentation extemporaneously (using index cards), rather than reading from a manuscript or memorizing a speech.Use appropriate business attire to deliver your presentation in a professional manner.For this module, you will follow the instructions in McLean’s chapter on creating an outline for your upcoming presentation. Please review the guidance for creating an outline in Tables 12.4 and 12.5 within the text. This assignment will help you to prepare for your sales presentation. The following is a sample of what a good sales speech outline should include:Sales Presentation OutlineI. IntroductionA. Attention Getter – Describe a scenario in which the product might be needed. This should engage your audience and make them want to listen for more. This can be a great place to include your required sources.B. Link to Topic – After you have delivered your attention getter, it’s important to clear transition from your attention getter to your speech. In this case, you want to clear link from your attention getter to the product you are selling.C. Thesis – Briefly tell your audience what product you are presenting and how it will impact their lives.D. Preview – A preview clearly lays out what the main body points will be. Your preview should clearly align with Point #1, Point #2, and Point #3 below.Transition Statement – Provide a smooth transition from your introduction to your speech body.II. Body A. Point #1 –Establish Need for the ProductA. Describe the personal and/or societal need for this product. What problems are addressed through use of the product? What is unique about the product? Why would anyone want this product? (These are all potential subpoints.) Transition Statement (now that we’ve talked about point #1, let’s talk about point #2.)B. Point #2 –An Explanation of the Product ItselfWhat is the history of the inventors/manufacturers of your product? How long have they been around? Do they have a well-known record of excellence or are they new and innovative? Describe the product in detail: What is it made of? What are its specific uses? How does it overcome the problems identified in Point #1? Does it come in different sizes, colors, flavors, etc.? (These are all potential subpoints.) Transition Statement (now that we’ve talked about point #2, let’s talk about point #3.)C. Point #3 –Comparison & Call to ActionWhy is your product superior to others on the market? Be specific, name names. Tell your audience where your product can be purchased and how much it costs. Tell your audience to buy the product! (These are all potential subpoints.) Transition Statement – Provide a smooth transition from your speech body to the conclusion.ConclusionA. Review – Restate your three main points.B. Emphasize – Link back to your attention getter to close the circle.C. Conclude – State the residual message you want to leave your audience with.

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