September – December 2023 Article Summary

Business & Finance

1) Use library resources to select an appropriate article2) Write a brief summary of the article3) Identify at least one positive statement4) Identify at least one normative statement5) Link the article to macroeconomic data6) Link the article to the course contentCriteria for Success: To be successful on this assignment students must:1) Find a good article:To find an article to summarize, look over the syllabus and scan the textbook, making a list of topics from either class that might interest you. Any topic for the class is fine, as long as it relates to macroeconomics. Take your list and search for articles using a bibliographic database. You will be utilizing articles written in the Wall Street Journal: which can be found in ProQuest. You can also use articles you find on the internet using a search engine like Google News.Ideally, an article you select will have all of the following characteristics: a) It interests you. b) It relates to a topic we have studied, or will study, in class. c) It is challenging, but not too challenging. A challenging article will help you develop your reading and summarizing skills more than a more basic one. On the other hand, a reading that you struggle to understand, from beginning to end, will make it very hard to do well on this assignment. If you do not understand a reading thoroughly, you cannot summarize it well. 2) Write a Good SummaryWhen you write a summary, you should communicate, in a clear, concise way: a) the crucial points an article makes and b) the crucial evidence used to support them. You should do both these things in your own words and writing style. Do not restate what your author said sentence by sentence. If you can, rely completely on paraphrases and not at all on quotations. If you must use them, however, brief quotations are acceptable. Of course, any time you quote an author’s words, you must indicate that you have done this by using quotation marks. Normally a summary strictly limits itself to communicating what’s crucial in the text it summarizes.3) Identify a Positive StatementIn your paper you should discuss one positive statement from the article and explain what makes it a positive statement. Positive statements explain how the world works and state facts without evaluating them as good or bad. Convincing authors use a large number of positive statements to support their arguments and policy proposals.4) Identify a Normative StatementIn your paper you should discuss one normative statement from the article and explain what makes it a normative statement. Authors make normative statements when they interject their opinion into an article. These statements make value judgements and/or explain how the world ought to be. Experts in persuasion use can make opinionated statements seem factual and unbiased. Reading carefully and looking out for normative statements will help you sort through the fact from fiction! 5) Link the article to macroeconomic dataIn your paper you should include a graph of some data you collect from a resource like the FRED ( You should explain how this data relates to the article. Does it support the author’s claims? Does it discredit them? Does the data you collect highlight an important oversight of the article? Be sure that when you include the graph that you explain to the reader why it’s important.6) Link the Article to the CourseFinally, you must explain at least one link between the article and class material. For example, that link might explain how your author’s understanding of the economy: a) is different from what you learned in class, or b) went beyond what you learned in class. Formatting1) Please use the same format for each summary as used by the model summaries, posted on the assignment’s Canvas page. 2) Put your name and section in the upper-left-hand corner. 3) In your heading include the article’s title, author, publication, and date. 4) Use the subheading “Link” to identify the section where you explain a link between your article and the class. 5) Your summary should be 250-300 words in length. List the word counts for the article and for the assignment just below the last line of the summary.6) Write clear, grammatical sentences, with each word spelled correctly. 7) Use paragraphs! Write paragraphs that flow together. Paragraphs length should be limited to one to two thoughts.8)  Use APA format to cite your article and any other outside resources. 9) You graph should be included at the very end of your summary and referred to in your paper as (Figure #_)

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