September – December 2023 Intro to Business Class – Responses to Classmates forum posts – 400 words total

Business & Finance

Class: Intro to Business ClassYou are writing a reply to forum posts made by my classmates.2 replies. 200-words in each reply.The main forum post[1] is at the bottom.What you are replying to:First Reply:Today, companies should have many forms of web presence. A company having their own detailed website catering towards their customers is a great form of web presence. Another form includes job postings on certain websites such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor. This approach is to attract more people’s attention all around the world to see the companies job offerings, with the possibility of bringing in essential employees to their workforce. Some companies may prefer to have a blog or social media page, to share useful, engaging, and entertaining content. The single objective of having a web presence is to reach as many customers as possible, and providing as great of customer service, and quality products as you can, giving endless opportunities for them to know all aspects of your company. It is important to remember that a great risk of having a web presence is customers may not all agree that the products of a company are the best. They are even able to take it amongst themselves to maybe post bad thoughts on the companies well-made social media page, bad reviews on other websites, etc. There are barely any limits to the internet and technology, so with success also comes some sort of problem from the users end. It is a hard task to make sure all varieties of customers are happy, and it’s also important to make sure at least more than majority have their needs met.Second Reply:Hello class,Is a website the only web presence a company should have today? The answer to that question is no. The web has so much more to offer than just a website for the web presents of a company. The whole point of web presents is for the company to provide insight and knowledge of the products they sell. The company wants to sell their product the most. So, for that to happen they need a big web present. Social network is one. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. As well as review sites. Such as, Google my business, Amazon, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yellow pages, Manta, and Foursquare. The more platforms the company uses the more people know about the company and their product. Therefore, the consumers will want to buy their product. The greatest risk of having a web presents is your data could not be secure. The company could be hacked, or someone makes a fake website in the company’s name. Putting whatever they wanted on the website. For example, the fake website could provide a 50 dollar off coupon for spending 75 dollars. When in fact that was the fake company website and not the real one.————-[1] Initial Forum Question:Watch the video and respond to the following:Is a website the only web presence a company should have today? When having a web presence, what is the single most important objective? What is the greatest risk?

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