September – December 2023 Capsim CT5- Strategy- Due in 5 hours

Business & Finance

Your Capsim company makes electronic sensors. You are fortunate because you have information on your customers’ performance requirements and how they may shift with time. Not many companies have that advantage. Address the following in your paper:Explain how your team has used Research and Development (R&D) to avoid creating a product too far ahead of its time, or a product that lags behind market requirements.Explain why your team chose either a single product strategy or a multiple product offering?How could a balanced scorecard-style dashboard be used to benefit your R&D team and company leadership?What lessons have you learned from your Capsim experience that would allow you to more effectively use R&D in the future?Read AttachedPaper should meet the following requirements:Be 5-6 pages in lengthAPA Format3-4 references- American

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