September – December 2023 Transformative Organization Leadership Research Project

Business & Finance

Research and write 8-page report on an organization that went through turmoil but wasstabilized by a leader whereby the organization is flourishing now. This can be a private, public,profit or nonprofit organization.The following offers the instructional guide for writing the paper.A.Cover PageB.Introduction/Background: Introduce the subject matter, describe what you will do in thepaper, and provide a background of the leader.C.Literature Review: Provide scholarly literature on leadership theories and contextualize itin answering the following questions. Use credible, scholarly and academically basedmaterials:1.Trait Theorya.What personality characteristics the leader (he/she) showed that in your opinion aretraits of a leader that has contributed to his/her success in the organization? Describeit. 2.Behavior Theorya.What behaviors has this leader demonstrate that has contributed to his/her success asa leader e.g. Laissez-fair, autocratic, democratic, transactional style or combination ofthem. Describe this.3.Contingency Theorya.How did this person respond to various situations that stabilized the organization?Describe it with some concrete examples.4.Transformative Theorya.How did this leader bring about change in the organization to make it more efficient,that is a positive and sustainable change? Indicate what type of change it was e.g.systematic, rapid, revolutionary, dramatic, sustained, or slow.b.How did he/she contribute to humanizing organization context?c.How did he/she improve effectiveness of the program, services, and or/policies?d.How did he/she enhance delivery system, performance, productivity, motivation, andmoral?e.How did he address social and environmental justice including diversity and fairwages?5.Ethical, Responsible, and Accountable Leadershipa.Gather examples of how this leader demonstrated/showed ethical, responsible, andaccountable behavior e.g. as follows:i.Maintains transparencyii.Promotes, drives, and invites dialogues to enhance diverse perspectivesiii. Fosters an open door policy approachiv.Communicates and handles social

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