September – December 2023 Political Ideologies and Corruption in Canada

Business & Finance

Usethesample attachedas a guide when completingyour own analysisonCanada.OVERVIEW:Governments’ influence over trade and economies should not be underestimated. You may see some connections between culture and political ideologies, which can have positive and negative effects. Let’s dive into the political and legal environment for your project country,Canada. In this assignment, you will work on the following critical elements: Government and Ideologies, and Corruption.UsingThe World Factbook ( ) and current news reports, identify the following elements ofgovernment:1) Government type2) Political leader(s)3) Political pressure (or opposition) groups4) Recent changes in governing ruleOther risks include corrupt practices, which are also heavily influenced by culture. Use Transparency International ( ) to identifythree measuresofcorruption. Consider a review of the following:1) Corruption Perception Index2) Enforcement3) Bribery measuresA) Discuss what these political risks mean for businesses.B) What challenges or opportunities might an organization recognize with regard to the government and corrupt practices in the region?C) How can an organization protect against these risks and prepare management for issues they might face?

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