September – December 2023 Financial modelling

Business & Finance

1. On a tab named ‘Taxes’, create a working version of the tab named ‘Taxes Template’.2. On a tab named ‘DDM’, create a working version of ‘DDM Template’.3. Use the information on ‘Two Risky’ to graph the efficient frontier. There should be 101 points on the graph.4. On the same tab as #3, allow the user to choose a preferred return and show the resulting risk and weights in MSFT and TGT. It should look something like:Vol 15%MSFT 75 %TGT 25%Total 100%5. Use the data on the Original Data tab to find five-year rolling betas for all available stocks.. Use the value-weighted index for your market proxy. Put your output in a tab named. “Betas”.

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