September – December 2023 corporate finance essay

Business & Finance

Read the following 4 Economist articles (attached)(i) ‘Debt is Good for You’ (dated 01/25/2001)(ii)‘Debtors’ Prison’ (dated 02/09/2009), which discuss the reasons for corporations’ increased use of debt financing, and subsequent concerns about excess borrowing.(iii) ‘The Gods Strike Back’ (dated 02/13/2010), readpages 1 to 4 only.(iv) ‘The world has not learned the lessons of the (2008) financial crisis’ (dated09/06/2018)Summarize and synthesize, the contents of the articles, and conclude with an opinion on how the information you have read would affect your capital structure decisions as a financial manager (i.e. would you use less or more or less debt than suggested by the MM and Trade-off (static) models of capital structure), and why. Include a justified assessment of how you think the recently implemented corporate tax rate reduction would impact your capital structure decisions.PLEASE NOTE1) double spaced, font :Time new roman, size 112) 3-4 pages3) 0% plagiarism

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