September – December 2023 Discussion activates

Business & Finance

Assume you are a 65-year-old investor with the following demographics: retired, but do some part-time consulting, own your home, kids are grown, married, you and spouse are on Medicare, you have $2,500 a month disposable income, and a portfolio of $300,000. Based on this scenario and your related reading, what are some likely investment objectives and constraints that might keep you from accomplishing these objectives?1.) So read that scenario given above in the main topic.2.) Then, based on your reading of chapter 22, and of you and your observations thus far what are some likely investment objectives and constraints that you would need to consider.Talk it out, you need a monthly income stream that will last you what we hope a long time, so then how do YOU play out this scenario.3.) Then broken record time +++> and don’t be afraid to read your classmates posts and respond to them as well as myself.

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