September – December 2023 Career

Business & Finance

What job/career field are you pursuing? Use Job & Career Accelerator and/or O*Net to research your career and determine what Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) are required for this field.Next, perform a thorough gap analysis in two easy steps:Step 1: Assess your current skills and make a plan to maintain them. (150 words minimum)1. Choose three KSAs that you are proficient in and detail your strengths in these areas.2. What tools or resources will you use to maintain your proficiency in the required KSAs?3. What goals do you have to maintain them? Step 2: Assess your skills gaps and make a plan to bridge them. (150 words minimum)Choose three KSAs that you need to improve upon and explain why.1. What tools or resources can you use to help eliminate each of the three gaps?2. What goals do you have to improve in these areas?

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