September – December 2023 DB 2

Business & Finance

Chapters 10, 11, and 12 of the Pozgar text each address a different area of practice within the healthcare environment. Identify the chapter that most closely applies to your personal area of practice (current or aspirational), read that chapter, and be prepared to explore the legal and ethical issues in that practice area.Chapter 10: Medical staff organization and malpracticeBased on the chapter you selected, your personal experience, and a biblical worldview, write a Discussion thread identifying and analyzing the legal and ethical issues specific to your area of practice.Your analysis must be supported by at least 4 scholarly sources, including the textbook chapter(s) and the Bible, cited in current APA format (note that this is a different requirement than the previous Discussion). Title your thread in the subject line with the area of practice that you analyzedMUST BE 1100 WORDSMUST CITE FOUR SCHOLARLY SOURCES INCLUDING JOURNALSMUST INCLUDE A BIBLE VERSE INSIDE THE PAPERCITE SOURCES WITH APA FORMATMUST SUBMIT TOMORROW

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