September – December 2023 DB 1

Business & Finance

Research can take many forms. The two primary types of research conducted in the School of Business doctoral programs at Liberty University are Academic Research or Applied Research. After reviewing the Reading and Study material for this module, conducting your own outside research, and considering the two different types of research, please respond to the following questions:What are the common differences between Academic Research and Applied Research?When is it most appropriate to use Academic Research (also known as Scholarly Research)?When is it most appropriate to use Applied Research (also known as Professional Research)?What style of research interests you and why?YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND DO NOT ACCEPT IF YOU CANNOT DO ITMUST BE 600 WORDSMUST CITE 4 SCHOLARLY SOURCES INCLUDING JOURNALSMUST INCLUDE A BIBLE VERSE INSIDE THE PAPERCITE SOURCES WITH APA FORMATMUST SUBMIT TOMORROW

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