September – December 2023 Unit 4 DB: Social Entrepreneurship – StartSomeGood

Business & Finance

Alex Budak and Tom Dawkins created StartSomeGood to helpraise moneyfor social entrepreneurs.  Similar to the crowdfunding sites Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, people who invest in the projects on StartSomeGood are rewarded with products and other incentives.  Visit StartSomeGood to see the different projects that are being proposed and check out “How it Works”.  Review the site and themyriad of projects underway!Discuss with your classmates your thoughts on the site.How can organizations both large and small use these types of resources to their benefit?What are potential drawbacks?If you owned a small business that was struggling to succeed as you had hoped, would you utilize this sort of option to diminish the potential of failure?  Explain why or why not.If you have ideas as to the type of social good project you’d love to campaign for/donate to, be sure to share!In response to your classmates, add on to the thoughts in which you agree, and respectfully question thoughts you may not completely agree with to better understand their point of view.

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