September – December 2023 quant

Business & Finance

Simple regression analysiscomplete the following:Open Data for Simple Regression Analysis Excel workbook.Complete a descriptive numerical summaries analysis on ALL the variables. Provide necessary interpretations (measure of center, variation, kurtosis, and skewness)Use Excel to Generate ONE correlation table containing all interval level of measurement or above variables. Perform a correlation analysis and select the two variables that have the highest correlation.  Report your correlation table.Select one of two high correlation variables, from #3, to be explanatory and the other as response.Perform a simple regression assumption check (a subcategory for each … Linearity, Normality, Independence, and Equal variances)Perform any one of the 8 transformations if needed to ‘straighten’ the data.If you are justified in running the simple regression, please run it and report all  regression output tables from Excel.  Be sure to include your interpretations regarding model and coefficient significance. Report  results and interpret R-square.If you are not justified in running the simple regression,  please state the reason and include the necessary evidence in support of the claim.

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