September – December 2023 woman studies ….. business ….. 6 questions ……

Business & Finance

My assignment is due tomorrow and there is no extra time.This is for my Woman gender studies in BusinessAnswer the following 6 questions using the attachment book and any online information you may need.Each answer should be roughly 1/2 a page or 250 words. Cite the references you have used at the end of the paper.6 Questions:Describe the current status of women as leaders in two (2) of the five (5) professions: management, politics, law, academia, or on boards.  Use examples of specific women in these roles in your answer.Discuss two examples of how management and leadership styles can differ between men and women.Give three examples of how organizations can integrate women into roles of leadership using the examples of the five areas covered in the text:  politics, management, law, academia, and boards.Networking, mentoring, and sponsorship each provide a different approach in career advancement.  Define each of the three areas and give an example of how they are used to further a woman’s career.Discuss three examples of the challenges women face in balancing leadership responsibilities and family life.Discuss the pros and cons of women starting their own businesses.

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