September – December 2023 Ethical Dilemmas in Foreign Entry

Business & Finance

Firms have a finite amount of funds for expansion and growth. Entering foreign markets, by definition, means a firm is investing money in another country that is then not available for investing in the firm’s home country. For example, Nissan closed factories in Japan and added a new factory in the United States. GM shut down factories at home but kept them open in Europe. In this discussion, you will consider the ramifications of what happens when businesses decide to invest money elsewhere.Explain the ethical dilemma a company faces when deciding whether to enter a foreign country.If you were the CEO of a company that has decided to invest overseas, how would you convince your stakeholders in the home nation that the decision is the right one?share an example of a company that entered a foreign market in such a way that supports your position on entering foreign markets. Be sure to explain how that company’s approach supports your position.

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