September – December 2023 How Scholarship size affects student success?

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Affordable and Accessible EducationNot all of us are rich and have money in our banks. But should this be a factor in deciding whether we get a good education or not? It shouldn’t, but sadly, it does. Education, and that too college education, is very expensive and most of us can’t afford that. Many talented people are unable to perform and give their best to society due to a lack of money and finances. You can take some time off and get your work done using online resources. If you can buy coursework online, you will be better able to focus on other pending tasks. You can also ask: “Hey, can youwrite my literature review, please?” and be sure, someone will help you!The most obvious benefit of the scholarship is that it makes college education more affordable for students. A major deterrent to pursuing and finishing a college degree is the costs. If a student who doesn’t have the resources gets a scholarship, he will be able to get a good education and will be able to support himself and his family in the future.Reduction in Financial BurdenScholarships that partially or completely assist students in pursuing a good education help students in a number of ways. Firstly, they reduce the financial burden on the students. This allows them the freedom to focus more on their education rather than trying to find part-time jobs.If a student is toggling two-jobs, coursework, assignments, projects, and whatnot, he is bound to fail at some point. If the scholarship is sizable, the reduced financial burden will help the students achieve their goals with a unilateral focus on studies alone.Successful Completion of DegreeMany college students drop-out of college even though they have a scholarship. A major reason for this is that a small scholarship is not enough for them to get through the days and pay the fees as well. So, they work and tryto manage their lives between work and studies. When they fail to do so, they drop out of college.If the scholarship size is big, the students won’t have to worry about cutting their degree short due to a lack of money. They will be able to complete their degrees on time and be free to change the world for better with their hard work.Boosts ConfidenceConfidence plays a huge role when it comes to the performance of students. If a student is confident, he is more likely to produce results. Another benefit of a big scholarship is a boost in the morale and confidence of students. It is highly likely that the scholarship size is proportional to the students’ grades. If they get validation for their hard work, they are bound to give their best in the future as well.Therefore, a sizeable scholarship is a good motivator for students to continue with their hard work and achieve results.Better FocusHave you tried to juggle various tasks at once and failed to complete any of them efficiently? We have all been there. Try managing two, three jobs, along with taking classes in the college, and you will most likely give up. This is what happens with college students. They can’t focus enough on their studies since they have financial matters to take care of. The Internet helps students with their tasks.A huge scholarship would mean that the student has more time to focus on his studies. If the scholarship is not enough, students would have to find jobs to manage their bills, cost of living, etc. on top of trying to get good scores. This will definitely affect their output when it comes to studying. If a student gets a large scholarship, he will have only one goal: studying.ConclusionScholarshipshave a very important role in making college education for students more affordable and accessible. A good scholarship, which is big in size, paves the way for the success of the students. With the help of good scholarships, students finish their education and become important individuals in society.

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